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Andrew Osidacz
July 13, 1964 - March 18, 2006
Jared Osidacz
April 4, 1997 - March18, 2006
audi alteram partem
nemo judex in sua causa
Andrew's Answer
August 18, 2007 ...We all know there is bad stuff, unsavory stuff on the Internet. Racism. Porn. Violence. Hatred. Some of it is policed. Sort of. Most of it isn't. Some of it is illegal. Some of it is just vile. Anyone can say anything. The rules of libel and slander and defamation that apply to mainstream media carry little weight on the net. This website is as low as it gets. Now, I certainly understand that the Osidacz family has suffered a loss. That the man who murdered Jared was their son/brother/uncle whatever. But this website -- called Andrew's Answer -- doesn't limit itself to paying homage to a lost loved one. It attempts to exonerate Andrew. Argues it wasn't his fault. Says -- in bad poetry -- that he isn't responsible. Suggests in one poem that his new ... then, let's talk 8 years after that...

July 13, 2015 To all my supporters, I want to thank you all for your many private kind words of congratulations and encouragement on my extended challenges in the courts as per the latest update on my LinkedIn profile. It is comforting to know so many contributors to our economy understand the importance of flexibility and compromise in discharging our social responsibility; even in the face of enormous personal inconvenience. I am not publishing names because it would be impossible to address each of you personally without inadvertently missing someone. Although the saga continues, we finally can see investigations reopened by the SIU into Brantford Police use of force by serial killer Adam Hill. This gives us hope that those who wield power, along with those whose job it is to oversee them, will fulfill with uncompromised due diligence their obligations to democratic transparency, truth, justice and the Rule of Law. Cheers, Richard Chmura Update January 28, 2017: After two years reinvestigating its own incompetence over the serial killer Adam Hill saga all the SIU can show is a rusted Pipeline of Keystone Cops.

update March 29, 2016 - a decade on Veteran Brantford cop found dead in Cuba | The Hamilton Spectator '...found lifeless on the tiny and uninhabited Cuban island of Cayo Saetia on March 19...On March 18, 2006, [Mark Stachurski] was among the first police officers at the scene of the murder of 8-year-old Brantford boy Jared Osidacz' .(ed rwc) life (and death ) timing is everything

updated entries to LinkedIn profile September 14, 2015
Self-Litigant Richard Chmura, Pro Se August 2007 - Present (8 years 2 months)Daytona Beach, FL, Brantford & Toronto, ON Defended $300K defamation and intrusion upon seclusion suit to $0 recovery in 8 years involving 18 lawyers-original firm removed. Style of cause has 9 represented parties. 42 appearances 21 judges 9-day jury trial appears the Ontario record for self-litigant; including pendency of a total publication ban and record sealing order granted on my 2008 ad hoc motion. Defended myself on discovery/JD/affidavits exams and conducted discovery examinations twice on four parties because reporting company lost all original and back-up (first fiasco in 25 years business). Litigated numerous long motions including - re jurisdiction, successfully resisting 3 motions for same injunctive relief claim, motion to compel, constitutional question, Anton Piller, summary judgment. Conducted two Appeals to Court of Appeal for Ontario with motions to extend time to perfect and for fresh evidence. Defended a challenge of my summons to witness served on Ontario Legislature Speaker, Dave Levac; quashed with argument on Levac's behalf by two lawyers from the Ministry of the Attorney General (rendered the Speaker speechless). Commenced contempt proceedings citing prima facie multiple publication ban breaches from within operations of both levels of the court itself and defended a cross-motion brought in response by third party unnamed in the contempt. Contempt liability remains a live issue pending return of motion adjourned on consent sine die, now with Carey v Laikin SCC 2015. Navigated several pre-trial conferences and many pretrial motions from 2010 to 2015. Dealing with post-trial proceedings/reserved decisions.
REMARKS FROM THE BENCH by Justice Harrison Arrell May 15, 2008: "Thank you. Mr. Chmura, I want to thank you, sir for your flexibility and your compromise today, and the responsible way you've handled this. It was a difficult situation, and I know you've been inconvenienced in coming up here and I want you to know the court appreciated the attitude that you've taken today..."

Private Prosecutor - contempt Richard Chmura, Pro Se April 2013 - Present (2 years 6 months)Brantford Ontario, Toronto Ontario Dealing with multiple contemptuous breaches of court ordered total publication ban and record sealing. Investigation determined that court operations (Ontario Superior Court of Justice and Court of Appeal for Ontario) were the source of emails violating the order. Contempt motion ultimately precipitated on a CAO breach with decision published by CanLII. The court vacated the offended order, ostensibly to avoid prison terms for those responsible. Now waiting explanations and apologies from the Courts for acts which would warrant jail time for any person in breach of a similar order under their jurisdiction.

REMARKS FROM THE BENCH by Justice Murray May 15, 2014: Well, if it is vacated, I mean, does that not effectively - does not [opposing counsel's (disingenuous at best)] request to vacate it essentially deal with the issues, or you say it leaves an issue to be dealt with, that there is potentially an argument that during the course of the ban someone violated the order of the court and therefore, even though it is vacated now? .. . Well, I know, and maybe [Richard Chmura] is right. I do not really know the answer to that question. Somebody would have to make a ruling on it. [Richard Chmura] is not going to be foolish enough to proceed, if there were a vacation of the order. I mean, why would [Richard Chmura] do that? It just ends up costing [Richard Chmura] money in costs, and [Richard Chmura] is more thoughtful than that. Final act of contempt was April 25, 2014 publication of a CAO decision on CanLII prior to vacating the order thus creating prima facie evidence of actual bias. Excerpt from published decision: [5] In this appeal, the appellant is also seeking several other heads of relief that were not raised before the motion judge, including the reversal of previous orders of this court and the Superior Court of Justice, a declaration that all Ontario courts are biased against him, and the transfer of this matter to courts in Florida. [6] There is simply no basis for granting any of this relief. Private Prosecutor - contempt
Nobody threatens to shoot a dead duck. Twitter cops @brantfordpolice Jason Davis and @opp Vince Ariemma-May their Hollywood dreams come true!
Derek McElveny's hashtag #makingaserialkillercop fiasco becomes blockbuster miniseries.
Netflix $500,000,000 Canadian investment pales in comparison.
"It is axiomatic that past behavior can act as a indicator of future behavior." Backfire
"Brantford, you're gonna need a bigger briefcase" '...these kinds of officers “a cancer on the community.”'
“disturbing” evidence suggests police resources and personnel were “improperly retained, used and co-opted” to help one side in the private civil dispute.
Fantino describes himself as a member of the Queen’s Privy Council
Brantford Police Chief Derek McElveny cast list ...quite the continuing fiasco
"..the duty and obligation of the court to protect and enforce the sanctity of its rules and processes..."
Justice James Turnbull
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Hamilton couple charged with defrauding ODSP The Hamilton Spectator February 23, 2018
A Hamilton couple is facing criminal charges for allegedly defrauding the Ontario Disability Support Program.
Hamilton police began its investigation after a tip in late 2017 from ODSP workers that a local couple may be defrauding the system.
Police allege the man was receiving disability benefits but was also working and that he failed to report his earnings. ODSP estimates he was overpaid by $130,000.
The police investigation also revealed that he allegedly forged documents for a mortgage application enabling the couple to buy a house valued at more than $500,000.
Rahaman Al Jabri, 48, is charged with fraud over $5,000 and using a forged document.
Shaymae Ali, 38, is charged with fraud over $5,000.
Both are scheduled to appear in court Feb. 26.
To offer tips anonymously about potential social assistance or disability fraud, contact the Welfare Fraud Hotline at 1-800-394-7867, or the local ODSP office at 905-521-7280.
slammed for 'reprehensible and malicious' prosecution
Finally, Brantford Police are getting taken to the cleaners.
Update March 18, 2020.
Startling facts revealed in re-investigation after 12 years. TRUE LIES!
Update April 4, 2020. CBC Investigation: DEADLY FORCE no dike can hold the flood in Brantford
Update April 23, 2020. Judge slams use of our tax dollars by Government Funding abuse of process against vulnerable man by predatory woman's fraud.
Update May 2, 2020 'two deaths could have been prevented if the first had been properly investigated.'
Update May 5, 2020 If Hitler left a family, they would not be as reviled as the descendants of some on THIS LIST after the documentary miniseries about Brantford's historic deadly fraud.
Update May 10, 2020. If you can't sleep, wondering what might be revealed next, consider running.
Very quickly.
Update June 27, 2020 Troll's Revenge
Update June 29, 2020 why Troll goes berserk over gratuitous column
Update August 28, 2018 New Ontario Attorney General Caroline Mulroney on a mission for Brantford